Partner meeting in Finland, as part of the Skills4Work project

Partner meeting in Finland, as part of the Skills4Work project

Last week the European project Skills4Work took us all the way to Finland, to attend the second partner meeting. Our Finnish partner Olemisen Balanssia warmly welcomed us in Turku, city 150km west of Helsinki.

The main objective of this #ErasmusPlus project is to create training content useful in adult education, especially to strengthen the “learning to learning competence” of adult learners educationally disadvantaged and with low national language skills. 

During two busy and intense days, we had the chance to work further alongside our colleagues from Austria, Norway and Finland: @prioskompetanse, @olemisenbalanssia, @OrientExpress-Frauenberatungsstelle.

Firstly, we made the point on the progress of our project results. In particular, the development of four curricula on the theme of “learning to learn”. The attention is focused on creating four modules: intercultural and oral communication, relation with others in a learning context, autonomous learning and development of basic digital skills.

Our second objective was the preparation of our joint training that will take place in Vienna, from the 30th November to the 2nd December 2022. Each partner will send two trainers. The aim will be to exchange the good practices developed within the project and to be trained on the created training contents.

A workshop was organized by Orient Express. Divided into groups, we reflected on various topics: the impact of organisational culture in adult education, the resources and attitudes of trainers, transforming policy framework.

Our partner PRIOS showed us the features of the upcoming resource centre, an essential tool to gather and share the learning material we are developing.

Finally, each partner shared its strategies for enacting the pilot experimentation, that will take place in 2023. The aim is to put in practice the curriculums we developed and to evaluate them thanks to the feedback of trainers and adult learners.

We had some time to discover interesting facts about Finland’s old capital. Did you know Turku is not the only name used for this beautiful city? Åbo is the Swedish name, that is written in all street signs

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