INTERMOVE project aims to train European mobility mentors to  prepare learners  to overcome two main mobility barriers


NET NEET project aims to create a Network of compagnies willing to host young european with fewer opportunities, for a short term internship abroad.


The T-Tactic@school project, funded by the European program LLP Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation, will provide Schools and Vocational Training centres common and shared tools for managing international work placements.


The In.P.U.T Partnership originated from the need for a full and formal examination of the professional profile of the Cultural Event Manager in Europe. The profile created by the project includes a definition of key competences and skills of a Cultural Event Manager (CEM).

EYE – Erasmus pour jeunes entrepreneurs

EYE – Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs / 3EA - Enable Entrepreneurship across Europe and Aquitania

EU Grad LLP – Erasmus

Eu-grad was a project working to improve the employability and mobility of young graduates, working toward “total mobility: Any postgraduate student in any country and in any company.


The EVIVE partnership considers that active citizenship is necessary in Europe. In order to come closer to this aim it’s necessary to be aware of the value systems of different countries and to work on common European values.


VALE aims to help female graduates to validate the leadership skills gained during a placement abroad via the development of a European portfolio of competences, including problem solving, decision-making, confidence and self-efficacy.

M.A.S.T.E.R Mob

The M.A.S.T.E.R Mob project, coordinated by Cap Ulysse, is working to create a multimedia tool to facilitate professional mobility placements abroad.