Our 2021 training offer is available from now.

Our 2021 training offer is available from now.

15 years of experience in the field of education and training in Europe have led us to cooperate with many training actors. Therefore, all the training courses that we offer call upon a selection of speakers chosen for their expertise in their field of competence.

Our DNA?

Each course has been co-constructed, evaluated and validated in partnership with our European counterparts in order to best meet your needs. The result is 3 short training courses aimed at developing your skills.

1- The “Working in an intercultural and/or multilingual environnement” class is aimed at professionals who have to work in a multicultural and/or multilingual context.

2- The “Piloting a European project” pathway aims to enable to design, finance, manage and evaluate a European project in the formal and informal education and training sectors.

3- The “European MASTER CLASS” pathway, we call upon hand-picked European experts who are mobilised on contents with high added value for your organisation.


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