“One’s destination is never a place but just a new way of seeing things” –  Henry Miller

Cap Ulysse is a training centre which continues to engage with numerous European initiatives linked to education, professional training, going abroad, and access to work from a European perspective.

Our work is divided into 3 departments:

The Mobility Department

Every year, Cap Ulysse supports more than 250 trainees in various learning mobility programmes by:

  • Welcoming and sending young graduates, apprentices and students on training and work experience within different projects (ERASMUS+….)
  • Organising study visits in Bordeaux for:
    • Education and professional training providers and those who facilitate integration into the labour force
    • Professionals in the wine, tourism and catering sectors.

The Project Department

Our expertise and interest lies around European mobility programmes, and we work with our European partners to:

  • Promote professional mobility to everyone
  • Improve the quality of mobility experiences (the establishment of tools and training for supervisors) and inclusive mobilities for learners with disability
  • Strengthen the professionals of the formal and non formal education sector, Vocational Education and Training, and adult education, with an intercultural approach
  • Support the recognition of mobility experience and training at a European level (ECVET – European Credit System for Vocational Training, Europass, EQF – European Qualifications Framework).

The Consultancy Department

There are an endless number of programmes corresponding to a number of European funds; and thus understanding can be very difficult. This is where we can help. We offer over several years of experience in the coordination and implementation of European projects in education and vocational training to interested institutions such as schools, universities, chambers of commerce, and public administrations. Cap Ulysse advises, supports and trains institutions wishing to offer professional mobility periods abroad for their employees, trainees or students.