Start of the STRENGTH related training

Start of the STRENGTH related training

Last week we kicked off our training. It’s a course open to women with a migrant background and with a low scolarisation level, asylum-seekers included.

The training’s objective is to improve the French language, strengthen digital competences and aid social inclusion.

Digital competences especially are at the heart of our work. As a matter of fact, the training is part of the Erasmus+ project STRENGTH, that focuses on digital learning tools. This European project aims at creating learning units to enhance digital competences.

As trainers, we have often come across a lack of skills essential to the use of computers. Competences that are needed in order to fully use a computer in the professional and private life (online procedures, communication via email, find useful information online, make online purchases,…). These competences are crucial for our learners to become independent and achieve social and professional inclusion. 

To that end, thanks to a collaboration with Action Solidaire Numérique, based in Paris, each participant has the chance to practice on a reconditioned computer. At the end of the course, each participants will keep their computer. 

For additional info on the STRENGTH project, check the official website: