(Français) Youth Escape Covid – YEC

A project on multimodal educational escape games - discover the results !

(Français) SAVE

A project on global citizenship - a toolkit for training with adults in social and professional inclusion programs


Promoting Good Practices in VET Mobility for Disabled Learners

SVET – Sustainability in Vocational & Educational Training

The goal of this project is to integrate the theme of sustainability within the field of vocational training abroad


The Erasmus+ INTERMOVE project, developed from 2015 to 2017, is back with an exclusive training for mobility referents on Interculturality and Intercomprehension (interaction in a multilingual environment). The pilot of these 2 modules, led by the Catholic University of OPorto, Cap Ulysse and IFAO will be held in Viseu in September 2019 and in Seville in October 2019. It will be deployed in France in 2020 to extend the network and labelise the mobility referents who attended. Translated with


INTERMOVE project aims to train European mobility mentors to  prepare learners  to overcome two main mobility barriers


NET NEET project aims to create a Network of compagnies willing to host young european with fewer opportunities, for a short term internship abroad.

EYEE – Ethic and Young Entrepreneurs in Europe

Cap Ulysse is partner of the EYEE project (Ethic and Young Entrepreneurs in Europe).The aim of the project is to raise the initiative and ethical entrepreneurship among youngsters by giving human being and environment a major role.


The T-Tactic@school project, funded by the European program LLP Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation, will provide Schools and Vocational Training centres common and shared tools for managing international work placements.