We know accommodation is important for mobility participants as it is their temporary home in a new country. That’s why all of our accommodation options are located in the city of Bordeaux or very close suburbs, no more than 45 minutes (via public transport or on foot) away from the historical city center.
To ensure an important immersion into the French cultural and language, we offer accommodation in a single or double room in a home with a live-in landlord:
This allows the candidates to immerse themselves fully in French culture, to experience and participate in daily French style life and to make rapid progress with their language skills. A furnished bedroom, access to a bathroom and kitchen are provided. Candidates don’t have to provide their own sheets and towels.

We offer two formulas:

-self-catering formula: accommodation in a single or double room, without any breakfast, nor lunch, nor dinner.

-half-board formula: accommodation in a single or double room, with breakfask and dinner only.