Internship Opportunities

In the context of the new Erasmus +, Cap Ulysse organises internships for European students, apprentices & young graduates and accompanies the participants. Cap Ulysse has an established network of around 200 organisations (both public and private) in and around Bordeaux with which it works to provide internships in a range of sectors including:

– Tourism/Hospitality/Catering,

– Culture,

– Health/Social Work,

– Environment,

– Education,

– Building,

– IT

– Administration,

– Sales and Marketing,

– Transport and many more …

Our hand-picked host companies are sensitive to the additional needs of foreign interns and we organise each internship according to the candidate’s prior work experience, their academical background and their level of French, to ensure they get the most out of their experience. Cap Ulysse carefully monitors each candidate’s progress throughout their internship and our mentors are always happy to discuss and help resolve any problems that may arise. We wholeheartedly believe that the success of a “mobility experience” comes down to regular communication between all the parties involved, including the sending organisation, the host organisation, the intern, the intermediary organisation and more. Candidates are met upon their arrival in Bordeaux and are accompanied to their accommodation. They will partake in the following activities during their stay:

– a group welcome meeting with Cap Ulysse staff, and an orientation meeting,

– an individual briefing prior to meeting their prospective internship organisation;

– accompaniment to the initial meeting with their prospective internship organisation,

– the possibility to drop into the Cap Ulysse offices whenever necessary, during working hours,

– a continuous follow-up with Cap Ulysse staff,

– a final evaluation meeting with the internship organisation (candidate present),

– an overall final evaluation meeting with the whole group and their Cap Ulysse mentor, to identify and recognise the learning outcomes.

Upon the request of the sending organisation, Cap Ulysse awards the EUROPASS certification. At the end of their internship, a candidate should receive this document along with an internship certificate.